The Adventures of Jack Evermore

Close Encounters on a Sunday Afternoon

My wife loves to tease, and I tease her back.image








I push into her slowly, wanting to savor every inch of her, slowly, feeling her take me in, she swallows my cock and I am alive inside her.

The flesh to flesh contact with her completely arouses me.

A Saga of Family Fun

The Violation of My Stepmother and Stepsister

©Jack Evermore

The vulnerability of my stepmother aroused me first, a primitive biological urge hearkening back to the plains of the Great Rift Valley when our ancestors slept in trees and sowed their seed whenever and with whomever they could in the survival of the fittest or, in my case, the most voyeuristically surreptitious. Add the sibling rivalry of a brother with his stepsister and color it with the twisted desire of incest, a taboo so tempting that it is broken more often than any of us would like to think. In one glorious evening of lust and perversion over twenty-five years ago I crossed all the boundaries of propriety, first with my stepmother and then with my stepsister and have never returned. 

My name is Mike, the same Mike married to Kate featured in the previous stories Soccer Mom Slut and Son of Soccer Mom. It’s time that I revealed secrets from my past in my own words. I love a good sex story and have many to tell, my sexual odyssey began with a fixation on sl**ping women, the tempting apple of repose, my stepmother being the Eve to my boyish Abel. She is the reason that I urged Kate to seduce my son Kyle. I wanted him to experience the twisted sexual thrill of it, and Kate, being the good slut she is, was more than ready to play her part.

My stepmother was twenty years older than me and closely resembled Linda Evans from the old Dynasty TV series. She had the same frosted blonde hair and full, svelte body. One evening, when my father was out of town and my stepsister, Julie, was supposedly spending the weekend with an aunt, my stepmother invited her best girlfriend over for a night of experimental cooking. They attempted to make Coq au Vin, having long admired Julia Child’s culinary skills on TV, but were more adept at mimicking her wine consumption. The result was an inedible mess of under-cooked chicken, bacon, and mushrooms and me having to drive her too-drunk friend home. When I returned I found my stepmother passed out at the kitchen table, unable to rouse her, I proceeded to carry/drag her limp body to her bed. I had my arms under hers and her head and torso leaning against my chest when I realized just how vulnerable she was. Being all of 18, it didn’t take much to get hard back then and by the time I got her to bed, the shape of my 7” cock was fully outlined by my blue jeans.

I looked down at her body and realized that I had a free play, like being in a dream and realizing that it’s a dream and one can do anything one pleases. I tried slapping her lightly and she muttered a few incoherent words, but her eyes never opened. “I’m going to take my cock out now, mom.” I said it as if I were speaking loud enough to be heard across a crowded room without reaction. Her body lay limp on the bed and I looked at her as if she were some exquisite Christmas present that I had spent a lifetime waiting for. I took my cock out and traced the line of her body without touching her like a dowser searching the ground for water.

"Look how hard you made me, mom." I stripped and got up on the bed next to her. I removed her sandals, her toe nails were lacquered fire-engine red, a color that drew the first ooze of precum as I took her now naked feet and used them like tongs to play with my cock. Her soft soles and petite toes feeling better than I had imagined. "That’s it mom, toe my cock with your pretty feet."

Every so often she would let out a little moan or babble a word or two that made no sense. My mother’s bed had a mirrored headboard adding to the perverted rush her pliant body was providing. It didn’t take long for my first orgasm. “Oh god, mom, I am going to cum all over your pretty feet. Jesus, mommy, cummmming so fucking hard!” I pressed her soles against my balls as I spewed my first hot wave of spunk over her perfect feet. My semen covered the space between her big toe and long toe and I took my cock head and pressed it between them as it twitched in the aftermath of orgasm, trying to calm it down a bit, but it only succeeded in keeping me hard as I pulled down her slacks and then her panties.

These were the days when women had full furry pussies and hers was a fragrant brown tuft that I leaned over and inhaled. I took her leopard print panties and wiped my cock clean feeling the silky smoothness of them and then rubbed my nose in them, like a wild bull using her scent to keep my swollen prick engorged, egging me on to violate her further.

"Mother, I want to eat you." The instant of sex can do this to a man/boy, the genitals of an adult, the unrestrained id of a kid left alone in a candy store. I was dizzy with energy and fantasy, my stepmother a pliant sexual laboratory beneath me. I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled down the cups of her matching leopard print bra, freeing her ample breasts, taking the time to study her areolas and nipples up close. Taking my cock and probing the surface of each, over, under, side, and between. I pressed and slapped each nipple with the head of my dick, leaving glistening precum covering both and then ran it over her lips, trying to push into her mouth without success, but her lips were enough as I could feel the force in my ball sack pushing my sperm down its tight little vascular highway, moaning as it erupted from my mushroom head and covered her lips.

I was hungry for more. I spread her legs and knelt between them to lap away at the sweet brown hairy core of her, reveling in the tart, dank taste of her vulva and clit. I especially loved her clit, not knowing completely how it functioned, but finding that after a few deft licks it expanded to more than an inch, like a little cock for me to suckle. My stepmother was moaning regularly now and her hips began a subtle gyration. I wanted to feel her clit and pussy with my cock and positioned it at her pink entrance after posing her as if she were modeling for Cavalier, or High Society, two of my favorite gash mags back in the day. I could feel a growing accumulation of moisture as I edged my cock against that sweet pink morass of flesh.

"I want to fuck you, mommy, what do you think?" I asked as if I were asking permission to stay overnight at a friend’s house or to borrow the car, like the answer was always going to be yes. When you’re a pervert like me, the answer is always yes, but in this case her eyes remained closed, there was an involuntary smacking of her lips and I pushed in, fell in, dove in, oh the tight slick memory of it, my first fuck and it was my own stepmother. Even now as write these words I am hard at the memory of it. It only took three insanely quick thrusts and I came inside of her. I never thought about using a condom, even though I should have, she was only 38, but I was lucky.

I had come three times in less than an hour and she appeared to be in the same daze I had found her in. I took a Kleenex and wiped my cum from her lips and feet. I put her panties back on and pulled her bra back up over her beautiful cans and began devising a plan to get her drunk again as soon as possible. I tried to arrange her body on the bed as best I could and found myself getting hard for the fourth time so I went to her laundry basket and fished out a pair of dirty panties and returned to my room where I replayed the events step by step stroking my cock with the silk black fabric when my stepsister walked in.

She was a year older than me and I had always resented the way my father favored her, I was his flesh and blood, yet he gave her anything she wanted. I soon found out that his favoritism had a lot to do with her sucking his cock. She always pranced around the house in her bra and panties when our parents were out and, as much as I disliked her, there was no denying that she had a hot teen body. My resentment hadn’t kept me from jerry rigging one of those little door viewers through a vent between our bedrooms, the only shop project that I had ever completed to perfection. I would often stare at her as she lay naked on her bed using a little pocket rocket to get herself off as I stroked my meat, she writhing to a wet orgasm and me cumming into my hands.

"Don’t you knock, bitch?"

"I would have if I had known what a little perv you are." She stared at my raging hard boner wrapped in her mother’s black silk panties.

"Fuck you, I’ve seen you with your little vibrator, so don’t act so high and mighty."

"You peeping prick!" She walked up to the bed took a swing at me but I caught her hand and pulled her down on top of me.

"I’ll give you a fight, you stuck-up bitch!" I quickly flipped her over and was on top of her. I was naked with my stepmother’s panties still twisted around my cock. She struggled beneath me and her short skirt lifted above her bikini panties as I pinned her hands over her head.

"Get off me, you immature prick." She tried bucking me off as if she were a wild horse, but I was too strong.

"Not until you give."


"Then I guess we’re going to be here awhile."

"I can’t wait to tell daddy what you’ve been up to."

"As soon as I let him know his precious princess has a vibrator."

"Maybe he already knows, douche bag."

"No wonder you get anything you want."

"That’s right, anything, including his cock."

"You little fucking whore." I acted without thinking, although upon reflection, my anger was really jealousy. I moved up so that my cock was dangling over her pert little mouth. "Suck this!" She easily could have bit into my dick and ruined me for life, but she began sucking, my first real blow job, and I suddenly realized exactly why she had barged into my room unannounced, she was horny and a pocket rocket wasn’t going to do it for her. She wanted the real thing and daddy was out of town.

"MMMMMM" She untangled her mother’s panties from my cock and began to lick and slurp, one hand stroking my cock, the other cupping my balls. My father had made her an expert in the nuance of cock-sucking.

"Suck my cock, Julie, suck it!" She eagerly complied as we bonded into a new distorted union of stepbrother and stepsister, consummating what had been the seething undertone of our relationship for the last six years, our snide remarks and put downs all little acts of sexual aggression that we had been dying to act upon.

"Fuck, going to cum." I shoved my cock deep into her mouth making her gag.

"No you’re not!" She spit me out and squeezed my balls with one hand and twisted the tip of my boner with the other stopping my urge to climax in mid-eruption.

"Jesus Julie, what the fuck, afraid of a little cum in your mouth?"

"No, asshole, I want you to fuck me, don’t be such a selfish little prick."

"It always has to be your way, doesn’t it?" I got up and was actually thinking about walking away, crazy huh? I stopped as she ripped her panties off and spread her athletic thighs.

"Really, Mike, you’re going to walk away from the tightest pussy you’ll ever have?" She lay there fingering her sopping wet snatch.

"You are some find of fucked-up bitch." I said, as I returned to the bed and drove my cock into her.

"Shut-up and fuck me!" She slapped me hard and pulled my face down to kiss me and bit my lip.

"Fuck your brother!" I was lost in the haze of wet sexual union, trembling as I pumped into her and feeling her respond to every move I made.

"That’s it, fuck me hard, make me your bitch." She dug into my back with her nails, the pain making me fuck her harder as if I were trying to slice through her with my cock as a weapon.

"God, Julie, fucking you, fucking my whore sister."

"Give it to me, Mike, give me your spunk." She twisted my nipples hard.

"Wait, no rubber." I was about to explode, but this time the thought of making a baby stopped me.

"Do you think I’d let your dweeb cock inside of me if I weren’t on the pill? You’re such a dork, Michael." She laughed and wrapped her legs around my torso.

"Now fuck me!"

Our foreheads merged, her eyelashes weaved through mine, our tongues stretched out to meet, I plunged into her as deeply as I could and kept my cock there as she tightened and relaxed her pussy around it.

"Oh fuck, Julie, going to…"

"Cum in me Michael, cum in your sister’s pussy."

"Oh god, fucking cummmmmmiinnngg…" I held her. She screamed into my chest. My heart pounded and I gasped for breath kissing her at the same time. She lay there with me for another hour in silence and left wordlessly.

The next morning my stepmother sat holding her head at the kitchen table sipping her coffee. Julie sat across from her in the same bra and panties she had on the night before spooning yogurt. I entered the room naked. “I think it it’s time we got some issues straightened out.” I said. They looked up at me and smiled.

tightsnpanties asked: Damn you have one hot wife. I wouldn't mind tasting that delicious looking pussy of hers. Have you ever had a man lick your wife's pussy while you've been fucking her?

Would love to have that experience.

I love the way she teases me with her pussy until neither of us can take anymore and   she takes my cock and rubs the tip of it against her swelling clit.

Another Mother/Son Fantasy

Mother, May I 

© Jack Evermore

"Sorry, Mrs. K, er, ah, I was looking for Joe."

She was my best friend’s mother and I came across her tanning, stomach down with the her two piece top straps undone. Their yard was surrounded by a seven foot tall wooden fence. I always came around the back and knocked on Joe’s bedroom window. 

"No need to be so shy, Jack. I used to change your diapers."

And she had, being my mom’s best friend since moving to our little cul-de-sac heaven, three split-level ranch homes, the architectural embodiment of the sixties. Her house was the western most, mine was the eastern most, and the Rippington’s sat in-between.

"Is Joe home?" I looked up and around, anywhere but down in her direction. She was a second generation Italian beauty with olive skin and a stout fleshy body. I felt my face turning flush as I tried to bury thoughts of her naked. If she only knew how many times I had masturbated to her squat, lithe vision.

"So you only like me when I make spinach ravioli?" She craned her head up from her chaise lounge, careful to ensure her untied top stayed put and put her glasses on.

" You know I love your cooking, Mrs. K." I have spent a lifetime trying to find an Italian restaurant to match the culinary magnificence of her spinach ravioli. She made everything from scratch, part of the last generation of stay-at-home moms, and my teen-aged cock longed to find its way home between her fecund thighs. 

"Maybe you could help me make the sauce and pasta one of these days before you run off to college."

"Gee, Mrs. K, I don’t know, sounds like something my sister should do."

"What, a boy can’t cook? Take a look at can of Chef Boyardee? Does he look like girl?"

"Come on, Mrs. K, you know what I mean." She loved to challenge me and Joe. I’d call it thinking outside of the box, but that phrase makes me puke.

"Joe went to the hardware store."

"Geez I forget, the rocket…" I slapped my hand over my mouth.

"What?" She lifted her body up in a jolt, forgetting to hold onto her top. I stood with my eyes wide open staring at her D-cup, fresh Italian breasts. Joe had made a solemn pledge to abandon his pursuit of crafting rockets, the last flight going terribly wrong from the start. We made the mistake of launching from the middle of our cul-de-sac street. The rocket took off on a low, sideways trajectory directly into and through the Rippington’s front window.

"We weren’t going to launch it anywhere close."

"It’s just that Sylvia can be such a b-i-t-c-h." She started to cry. Sylvia being Mrs. Rippington, a little piece of Hades rooted in our cul-de-sac Shangri-La. It was a time when bad words were still spelled, not said. She seemed to have been unaware that she was now sitting up topless. I thought about turning around and running away, but it was the first time I had seen a grown woman’s nipples in the flesh. They were a beautiful union of pink and brown and erect. I sensed that the cause of her crying was something other than Mrs. Rippington being a b-i-t-c-h. 

"I swear on a stack of bibles that I’ll talk Joe out of it." I could feel my cock getting bone hard and thick. 

"It’s more than that." She sobbed. I didn’t know what else to do, so I took off my t-shirt and offered it to her to wipe the tears away.

"Oh, Jack, you’re such a sweet young man." She took it and dabbed her cheeks."Sit down." She patted the empty space on her lounge and I did. I was left in cut-offs and sneakers without socks.

"What else, Mrs. K?" I wanted to know. I mean, she was like a mother to me. She put one arm around me and the side of her breast nuzzled into my chest.

"It’s Herman," she whispered. Her husband, an ebullient man, always with a story to tell, or a recommendation for a book to read, or the latest theory on where UFO’s really came from. He was a salesman and on the road more often than not. "He’s having an affair." I was old enough to know what those words meant, but not old enough to know how to render solace for them.

"Gosh, Mrs. K, that’s um, er, bad."

"Look at me, sweetie. Do you think I’m fat?" She turned her body to me, her breasts literally took my breath away, I couldn’t imagine wanting anything else in a woman, ever, and can’t to this day.

"You’re beautiful, Mrs. K, I mean, I, well, you know, I, ah…" I couldn’t believe that I was sitting with my best friend’s half naked mom.

"You what?" She looked at me with tear-swollen brown eyes.

"I, um, think about you and play with myself, you know?"

"Oh my sweet Jacky boy." She smiled. I smiled to see her feeling better. "Show me how you do it, Jack" Her smile gone, she looked into my eyes at the same time as her hands fumbled with the top button of my cut-offs.

"Don’t you think that would be a sin?" I was sweating, besides the fact that Joe might walk through gate to see his mother reaching for my tool.

"Do you think this is a sin, Jack?" She took my hand and placed it over her naked breast, I cupped it feeling so many things, but sin was not one of them.

"No, I think it is the most beautiful breast that I have ever seen." I pushed my jean shorts down and then my jockeys. My gaunt prick stood rigid and gleamed with pre-cum.

"Oh my, Jacky boy, you have done a lot of growing since I changed your diapers, but to tell you the truth, even then your little cock would always be hard for me." 

"Really?" I squeaked although my voice had changed long before that day.

"Would you like some help?" She knelt down before I could answer and took my fledgling cock in her mouth.

"Oh my god, Mrs. K, that feels so good." I watched her head bob up and down, my shaft feeling the liquid pressure of her tongue and her lips. She angled her face up, her glasses still on, my dear Mrs. K, and slurped the raging purple mushroom head.

"Why Jacky boy, I think you like this more than my spinach ravioli." She managed to talk and suck at the same time. I just shook my head, unable to articulate one single thought, my cock lost in her mouth, her tongue, her brown eyes, my mother’s best friend.

"Mrs. K, I am going to explode." I was matching orgasm to rocketry, not knowing the simple action verb of cum.

"MMMM." She hummed and just as I was ready to let go, she took my cock out and let it spray over her full pendulous breasts.

"Oh my god, Mrs. K, I am so sorry." I didn’t know what else to say. I felt as if I had spat at her.

"Sorry for what, dear." She said as she played with my sperm and rubbed it into her skin as if it were more lotion.

"Joe’s going to be back soon."

"So?" She said.

"Well shouldn’t we get dressed?" I reached for my jockeys.

"Oh Jack, you’ve so much to learn." Just then Joe came into the yard. "Look who’s here," she said.

Joe held a bag behind his back, but didn’t change his expression. Joe was a genius of sorts and seeing his best friend naked next to his topless mom didn’t seem to register in his ethereal mind as anything odd. He didn’t say a word until he turned four when he began speaking in simple complete sentences. The doctors had thought he was autistic, but I think he was waiting until he could articulate complete thoughts.

"You’ve been a naughty young man, Joey." His mother wagged her finger at him. "Another rocket I hear." She looked over at me as she spoke.

"Sorry." Joe pulled the bag from behind his back. "I’ve got all the parts for a miniature launch tower, like Project Apollo." 

I stood there naked except for my sneakers. Mrs. K had my jockeys in one hand and indicated that Joe turn over the bag of parts to her. 

"If you want your precious parts back, you’re going to have play the game."

"Geez, mom, really?" Joe started taking off his clothes like he knew what was coming.

"A game?" I said.

"Mother may I, with a real mother." Mrs. K positively beamed.

"Like scissor steps and stuff like that?" I was totally confused.

"Don’t be such a moron." Joe said.

"You’re the douche bag who put the rocket through the riptard’s window, not me." 

"Now boys, behave yourselves. You simply have to ask what steps that you could take with me." She propped up the chaise lounge and sat down like Cleopatra and looked as good as Liz Taylor in her bountiful days."And Jacky take off your shoes, you look so silly with them on."

Now Joe had indicated to me a few times that his mother was different from other moms and I had noticed how she kissed him good-bye or touched him over the years, and, besides building rockets, we had been jacking-off together regularly to a quality stash of porn that we had discovered in the Rippington’s garbage while scavenging for parts. I’ll be honest, we enjoyed stroking each other’s cocks, and slapping them together in little sword fights. That was the real purpose of my visit that day, I was hoping for a nice little jack session. But the thing is, we never really talked about what we did, we just did it.

"You start, Joey, Jack will learn as we go along."

"Mother may I take off your bottoms?"

"No you may not, but you may rub your cute prick against my right nipple." Joe’s cock was a little longer than mine, but not quite as thick. He did as he was told, getting stiff by the third circle he traced over her nipple.

"Your turn, Jacky."

"Mother may I take off your bottoms?" I figured she’d say no again and that I’d get to cop a feel, either way my dick was hard again.

"Yes you may, but you must do it with your mouth." She put her feet up on the edge of the chaise. I gulped and Joe pushed me forward.

"It’s best if you work all around the edges pulling a little bit each time." He said. I supposed he had done it before or had quickly figured out the amount of f***e and torque needed to overcome the weight of his mother’s round ass.
I knelt down and did as he said, nibbling at bits of fabric, inhaling the scent of tanning lotion, ass, quim, and skin. My tongue falling against her trim pubic mound and getting a hair or two in my mouth. Mrs. K was more than cooperative, lifting her butt and urging me on. Once I had pulled it down past her hips, it was an easy trip across thighs, legs, and back over her feet. 

"Well done, Jacky boy."

"But,how do you win?" I said. It was a game after all.

"It’s esoteric." Joe jumped in.

"Geez Joe, I don’t have my dictionary handy!"

"Darling, it’s not who wins or loses, it’s how you play the game." With that Mrs. K reached up and took my face in her hands and pushed me down to her pussy. "Mother says eat me!" 

"Hey,it was my turn."

"Mother makes the rules, come close so I can give you my special kiss." Joe strutted by me and placed his long, thin tool in his mom’s open mouth as I discovered the juicy taste of her wet, puffy core.

"Lick my clitoris gently." She spread her lips and guided my mouth to her pert little bud peeking out. "Now faster," she urged with Joe’s dick in her mouth, pushing her hips into my face and swiveling to the rhythm established by my tongue. If only Mrs. Rippington could see the three of us, I thought. A thought that was weirdly timed to the side gate’s open and shut clack. 

"Oh Sophia!" Sophia was Mrs. K’s unspeakable first name, unspeakable for me that is. 

"Hi, Mrs. Rippington." Joe said it as if he were passing her on the way to the mail box, instead of standing there naked with his pecker in his mother’s mouth… 

A Mother Son Fantasy

Son of Soccer Mom

" I want your stiff, young cock!"

"But mom, er I…"

"No more games, Kyle, it’s time you fucked a real woman."

Kate is my stepmother, my real mother took off when I was three, maybe that’s why I have always had this sick fixation on her, or maybe her tight, tan body was too much for a healthy 18 year-old to bear. I don’t want to overanalyze, it was hard enough keeping up with my class load and being the midfielder for a division I NCAA soccer team. She earned her right to be called a soccer mom by taking me to every game, practice, and tournament until I got my license and now she was extending the same dedicated effort to becoming a slut. I had just returned home for the summer. I had been trying my best to hide errant erections from her for years, but when I walked into the kitchen she pressed her body against mine, rotated her hips against my crotch, and kissed me square on the lips, her tongue slipping in for a brief second. Her usual prim blouse, tailored slacks, and sensible flats, had been replaced with a tight dress and strappy opened-toed heels that reeked of milf-desire. But more telling than anything else were the blue-green ring tattoos on the long toes of both her feet and the sterling silver bracelet that circled the flesh of her right her ankle, as if she were saying come and get me, the hardest cock wins. 

My dad had left for a week-long business trip to Singapore only an hour earlier. “Take care of your mother,” he said and winked with the same face he makes when telling a dirty joke, as if he were giving me his blessing. I have a girlfriend, Sara, but comparing her to Kate is like comparing me to David Beckham. 

I was in my room unpacking when she appeared at my door, her long brown hair with gold highlights complimenting her late spring tan. She was naked and fingering her shaved pussy with her right hand.

"What about, you know, um, dad."

"Didn’t you hear what he said?" She threw her head back and laughed.

"Yeah, well, take care, can mean a lot of different things.” I had probably cum a thousand times with her image in my mind’s eye, her perfect pert breasts, her full hips, her legs wrapped around my body as I pegged her standing in my dirty dreams.

"He meant fuck, Kyle, as in you are now going to fuck me.” She walked into my room staring at my crotch, the crotch containing her 18 year-old step-son’s cock, the cock that was so ready to cum.

"Jesus, Kate, I mean I want this, but your my mot…." I stopped in midsentence as she stooped and pulled my shorts and briefs down with one deft yank and her mouth and tongue began slurping away at my penis.

"I don’t play games anymore, dear, unless they are filled with fucking, sucking, and orgasms." She looked up at me with an innocent face as she spoke, stroking my cock wet with her saliva, pre-cum making the tip of it glisten as if glazed by a layer of honey.

"I don’t have any, you know, um…"

"You don’t have any what, Kyle?" Her eyes grew severe, her hand squeezed my turgid cock to the brink of pain.

"Condoms." I had used my last one with Sara the night before in our last dorm room fuck, me staring at the painted concrete block wall as I quickly came into her tight little pussy, wanting to finish before my roommate returned. That was the thing about college fucking, it was always furtive, rushed, and glazed with a beery haze. I was standing in my bedroom, my stepmother stroking my cock with all the time in the world, and there was nobody to interrupt us.

"I’m fixed, dear, surely you knew that. I never wanted c***dren. I only ever wanted you." She took on a somber tone and nuzzled my purple mushroom head against her cheek.

"Oh god, mom, I want you." I gushed and bent down to pick her up, we stood together as if we were about to slow dance. I quickly took off my shirt so our naked bodies could merge into one plethora of flesh. We remained like that, skin to skin, my hard-on pressed flat against her stomach, her supple breasts pushed into my lower chest, our hands gripping each other’s ass cheeks.

"I want you to be my baby boy, to swear that you will always, always take care of me." She whispered into my ear. "That you will make mommy cum over and over again. I need you to promise." 

"Promise." One word was all that I could speak. I was in a sex daze, all of my sensual memories of her in bikinis, bending in front of me to show more of her breasts, leaving the bathroom door half-open as she exited the shower and wrapped a towel around herself, how she had always kissed and squeezed my cheeks calling me her good little boy.

We somehow walked, floated, danced, arrived at my bed without losing our embrace, as if any diminution of our flesh to flesh contact would be more than either of us could bear. Within seconds she was on top of me and my cock slowly slid into her wet, motherly, pussy. How can any son describe the experience of entering his mother’s cunt, even if this wasn’t the cunt that bore me, she was the woman who meant more to me than any other and the other-worldly feel of the silky wet insides of her, well, I came before I was all the way in.

"Sorry, mom." I said, but she continued to ride my still stiff cock.

"Shhhhh." She placed her index finger on my lips. "Don’t talk, close your eyes, think about how good mommy feels right now. How much you want to be in mommy’s pussy, how you’ve been jacking off to me for years. You think I didn’t know?"

Her words were like concrete pouring into my shaft, even though I had just come, my cock began to twitch and throb.

"You want to fuck mommy for a long time, don’t you? Make mommy scream and cum. Aren’t I better than Sara? She’ll never fuck you like this. I bet you’ve never even had her ass."

"Oh god, mom!" The word ass surged through my body, like gasoline poured on a fire. "Fuck, I want you." I took her off the top of me and made her kneel on my bed and started thrusting into her doggy style."Want to make you my bitch!" I slapped her ass slamming into her again and again, as if I were stabbing her pussy with my dick.

"That’s it baby, fuck your mommy, fuck mommy hard!"

I grimaced, made every kind of stupid sex face, pawed at her hanging breasts, lost myself inside her. Sara was nothing compared to this. My arousal had been enslaved by my stepmother’s body, she could have put a leather collar around my neck, attached a leash and walked me around like some helpless, circus b**st. She was marking me as hers. 

"Take my cock, mom. Do you like me fucking you like a doggy bitch?"

"Baby, mommy is going to cum all over your cock, fuck mommy, fuck mommy…"

I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock and a new wet surge inside her rose as a tide of orgasms washed over my cock like a fucking tsunami. “Jesus, mommy, cummming, fucking cummming so fucking hard!”

"Don’t stop, baby, please fuck me, make me your mommy slut whore, oh god, Kyle cumming so fucking hard over your cock, fuck baby, don’t stop fucking me, harder, harder, put it in mommy’s ass, now, do it, fuck my dirty slut ass, baby."

I had just cum twice, but her urgent plea kept me hard. My cock was sloppy with her cum and mine and I easily pushed it in her tight, sweet ass. Having never ass-fucked before, I didn’t know what to expect. Her pillow-tight grip was overwhelming. The thought of ass fucking her with my cock actually there was unbelievable. “Oh god, mom, fucking your slutty ass.”

"Mommy needs you in her ass, fuck me." 

She began to cry as I continued to thrust, her tears made me want her more. I was Oedipus. I understood what is to want your mother, that the sick, twisted reality of it was about to make me cum for the third time in less than an hour, cum in my stepmother’s tight ass.

"Mother, I’m going to…" I stopped mid sentence when I heard footsteps in the hallway.

"What the fuck, Kyle?" Sara walked into the room, her eyes riveted on my cock deep in my stepmother’s ass.

A Soccer Mom Fantasy

Soccer Mom Slut

© Jack Evermore

Just like a vampire can create another vampire, so can one slut create another. My name is Kate. I’m a soccer mom, kind you have dreamed about because I like to fuck. Picture a 47 year-old female, 5’7”, 135 lbs., 36C chest, light brown hair streaked with blonde highlights, and a taut, toned body. I was working out three times a week with my friend Catherine and I wanted her to be more than a friend. 
It started one night when my husband, Mike, began exhibiting me to his poker playing friends. I was bending over serving drinks and he said stuff like “those breasts are as firm as the day we met” and “can you believe that ass”. Most of his friends were too taken aback to comment, thinking that he had probably had a little too much to drink, but his best friend, Jack, put his hand on my ass without hesitation and rubbed it. “You’re right, that’s a damn fine ass, Mike,” he said and the words were like a pocket rocket working my clit.

Maybe most women would have been upset, but that night Mike and I fucked like never before. I was soaking wet before he entered me thinking about Jack and the fact that Mike had offered me as some tawdry object of desire. 

"So you like being a tease." He said it as he drove his hard cock down and into me.

"Fuck me." I answered, he thrusting with a power I had never felt before.

"You want Jack, don’t you?" He went as deep as he could, his balls pushing against my ass, the thought of Jack’s cock and hands taking me to a level pleasure I had never felt before.

"Yes." It was all I could get out. My heart was racing and I began to shudder inside with a new wanton freedom.

"You want to be slut, don’t you?" He rammed me, my legs wrapped around his torso, my hands clawing at his back. I was dizzy from the thought of another man’s cock after twenty of years of fidelity. The word "slut" was electricity surging through me. 

"Yes, want to be a slut." It came out full of labored breathing, as if I had been running a marathon, but the moment was exquisitely laden with a new sexual awareness. The thought of Jack’s cock inside of me rubbed up against the hard presence of Mike’s cock instantly turned me into the woman I am today.

"You’re thinking of Jack’s cock right now, aren’t you?"


"You want to fuck him just like this, don’t you?"


"You want to take his cock and put it in your mouth and feel it grow, don’t you?"


"You want to take his cock, wet with your spit, and put it in your soccer mom’s pussy, don’t you?"


"You want him to cum inside you, cum so hard that he screams at the urgency of it?"


"Then do it, cum on Jack’s cock right now, cum all over it."

"God, Mike, yes, oh fucking God yes! Cummming so hard over Jack’s cock, yes, yes, yes." We twisted and turned as Mike spurted his load into me, my pussy contracting in explosive waves.

"Slut, whore, tease! Cumming into your cum, aarrrrghhh."

All this before I had ever touched Jack’s cock. The next card game was just me, Mike, and Jack. I was forever initiated into to the salacious life of a soccer mom slut that night, there was no turning back. But it’s Catherine that I want to talk about, Catherine, 40, petite with hair just like mine, 34C breasts with dark brown nipples shaped like half lemons protruding from her creamy white breasts. Catherine with her flat smooth belly and always shaved pussy. Catherine with the sweetest, puffy cunt lips that I have ever seen and a clit like a small cock. Catherine with a tight, firm, ass to die for. Real sluts like both men and women, sluts need sex as if it were air and I needed to breathe Catherine. I wanted to make Catherine my slut, like Mike had made me his.

But Catherine was a church going, car-pooling, never a bad word about anyone, straight as an arrow mom, which only made me want her more. I came to know her body intimately in the locker room at the gym. At first I didn’t want to take the chance of ruining our friendship by making a pass at her, but seeing her pert, puffy pussy three times a week became too much for me. I would race home after every work out, strip, and finger myself to orgasm imagining that pussy straddling my face, that clit rubbing up and down my tongue and lips, Catherine cumming into my mouth, like some sweet tropical drink that you can never have enough of. I began to sense that her revealing her body to me so freely in the locker room might lead to a more intimate revelation of desire.

I finally had my opportunity when Catherine asked me to go out for a drink after a Wednesday cardio work-out at the gym. “Brent’s out of town and I feel like being a little naughty.”

"I’ll drink to naughty." I said, but I was fairly certain that Catherine’s idea of naughty was a margarita or two at T.G.I. Friday’s, while mine was bringing her home, stripping her, and making her do whatever I wanted.

It was early evening and every sad sack salesman’s delusional eyes followed us to our table in the corner. They could sense the sexuality looming beneath our terry form fitting pants and ribbed tank tops. I’m sure that I was radiating enough pheromones for both of us, but a fierce, proprietary glance from my eyes held them all bay.

"Does Jack cum in five minutes like Brent does?" This after one long sip and her eyes staring directly into the lime froth of her margarita. All the usual Catherine perky goodness drained from her face.

"No." I wanted to say more, make a confession that I had become a slut, a lioness who fucked when, where, and whom she wanted, but I held back, hoping to draw her out.

"Maybe we, er I shouldn’t be talking about this. Does it make you uncomfortable?" She shifted in her seat and looked at me, her face turning rosy with blush.

"No, it doesn’t." I reached across the table and took her hand, women can get away with that move without seeming untoward. I could feel her longing and the gesture relaxed her.

"Does Mike like to kiss you down, you know, down between your legs?" She squeezed my hand as if it were painful for her to even vaguely describe the act of cunnilingus.

"You mean does Mike like to eat my pussy?" I said it firmly without being overly loud.

"Yes." She turned a deeper shade of crimson.

"I sit on Mike’s face and rub my pussy against his tongue and lips and feed him my cum."

"Oh my." She trembled a bit.

"Would you like to do that to Brent?" 

"He thinks it’s too vulgar." She looked up at the ceiling as if Brent were right and she were some sort of pervert, too sick to be allowed out in public. I had my own intuition that Brent was probably carrying on with a twenty-something bimbo at that very minute. He was a portfolio manager for a hedge fund and made more money than Catherine could ever hope to spend on updated kitchens or remodeled bathrooms. Security comes with a price I thought.

"Maybe I could help you." I looked directly into her blue-green eyes. She had mouth that reminded me of Nicole k**man. She didn’t turn away.

"I don’t understand."

"I want to take you to my bedroom, strip you, and make you climax like you have never climaxed before." There was no taking it back. We either walked out together or she bolted right then and there and we would be left with awkward encounters around town. My pussy was soaking through my thong panties and terry form pants.

"I’m so hungry, Kate."

"Then let’s eat."

We had driven to the restaurant in separate cars, but I didn’t want to take the chance of losing her now and led her to my car. “I’ll drive you back when we’re done.”

"But what will people say?"

"That they saw two soccer moms in the same car, how often must that happen every day in America?" We both laughed, easing the awkwardness, but not the sexual tension that had been building. 

"I want this, Kate."

"No, you want me to lick your pussy, now say it." It was only a few blocks back to my place. Wednesday was Mike’s golf night, nine holes before it got dark and my son was away at college. Not that I wasn’t going to tell Mike everything later, not that I didn’t want to share Catherine with him the next time, but I wanted to be the one to turn her, possess her, make her my slut.

"I want you to lick me." She said it slowly.

"God damn it, say pussy!" I braked the car and pulled over. I wanted her ready by the time we walked through the door of my bedroom.

"Pussy!" She said it as if she had unshackled herself from a lifetime of caution, reserve, and regret. "I want your pussy, Kate, and I want to feed you mine."

"Pull your pants down and let me feel how wet you are." She did as I told her. I took a sidelong glance and reached over with my right hand and felt the moisture oozing from her pout perfect shaved lips and licked my fingers clean as I pulled into the garage and closed the door.

I don’t remember walking through the house, just pushing her down on my bed, stripping her, and marveling at her lithe, nude body next to mine. We kissed for what seemed like hours, swallowing the tart aftertaste of tequila and lime, our naked bodies pressed against each other, our hands traversing breasts, nipples, thighs, asses, and finally pussies.

"You’re my slut now." I said.

"Oh, Kate." She looked directly into my eyes as I fingered her thick juicy clit.

"You’re going to eat my pussy. I want to mark you with my cum, make you mine." She began to go down on me, a trail of kisses from my full breasts down my stomach, to my inner thighs, her tongue reaching the edge of my labia when I pushed her away. 

"Did I do something wrong?" She looked hurt and surprised. 

"Lie down flat, slut!" She did as I said. I straddled her face and spread my pussy wide open and gyrated it inches from her mouth. "You want this?"


"Not yes, say you want my pussy, say it like a dirty slut, the slut you yearn to become, my slut, my baby!"

"I want your pussy, I need it, Kate, oh god!"

"Lick it, whore!" I pushed my wet, dripping cunt into her open mouth, she grabbed my ass cheeks and began to lick and suck. I held her head and moved up and down against her tongue. "Oh god, lick it, suck it, make mommy cum in your mouth, do it!" I hovered, rode, wiped, pressed my pussy over and over calling her a whore, a slut, a cunt, and my sweet baby and then the quiver arose from within and I trembled. "Yes, mommy is going to cum in your mouth, going to cum, making you my slut forever, marking you with my sloppy, wet cunt!" I arched back, she licked and slurped and I screamed. "Oh jesus fuck baby cummmmmmmming so fucking hard!" It was wave after wave until I couldn’t take it anymore and slipped off and collapsed, crying, dizzy, shaking all over.

Catherine kissed me with my cum fresh on her lips, a communion of cum between us, a holy ritual of everything only two women can share, and then she mounted my face as I had mounted hers. Her pussy was soaking. Her bl**d engorged clit was fresh and tart. I eagerly lapped away with all my fantasies fleshly present. 

"Make me your slut, lick my wet pussy, make me cum!" Catherine rode my mouth as if my tongue were a bucking bronco beneath her. Our bodies writhed together, my fingernails clawing her ass until she froze and squeezed my face between her thighs and growled from deep within, her right hand pulling my hair so my mouth was centered perfectly over her clit and cunt. "Cummmmmming, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, yes cumming so hard, Kate, your slut, always your slut!" 

She crumpled atop me, the two of us panting naked on the bed when Mike walked in… 

I love her mature body, the slope of her breasts, her lower half encased in black nylon mesh that frames her perfectly. I love to take her after these photo sessions, she always so wet knowing others will see her, my cock ripping through the nylon to find its velvet sweet sexy home.

A father’s fantasy

My Daughter’s Home Cooking 

© Jack Evermore

I am 62, retired, and living in a small Florida town not far from the gulf, you’d be right to think that it sounds like a bit of cliche,  but I left out one tiny detail, my naked daughter is in the kitchen right now preparing dinner for both of us. She is 40, but age is just a number isn’t it? She looks more like 30, with a tanned, toned body and long, drizzled, sun-bleached brown hair. She’s a bit of pixie, just over five feet tall, and lithe like a gymnast. I don’t know what it is about seeing her in the kitchen that’s gets me especially hard, she’s making a fruit salad and maybe the blueberries remind me of her nipples and the honey dew melon echoes the taut curve of her ass. 

"Daddy is hungry, baby girl." I grabbed her from behind, my cock just as hard as it was the first time so many years ago, after her mother had left us both to fend for ourselves. I was thirty-something then and she was, well, she was young. I thought she had been fast asleep in her room when I pulled out one of the gash mags I kept under my mattress, Cavalier I think, those were the days before the internet and dvd’s. Hard core porn meant going to go to a scummy adult bookstore, popping quarters into a machine, and risking slipping on the cum covered floor on the way out. I preferred a private session in my own bed with the lights down low and the full natural breasts and hairy, spread pussies featured in the porn mags of that era. I had never given a second thought to my daughter, or the fact that she was becoming a woman, she was my little girl and it was me and her against the world. 

We were living in western Pennsylvania, I worked for the state as a surveyor, not the greatest job, but one that gave me plenty of time to be there for her and provide for us both comfortably. I didn’t have any interest in dating, satisfied with my regular routine of pounding one out to whatever woman caught my fancy in my potpourri of glossy magazines. On that particular night I had been stroking for awhile with my eyes closed, imagining the woman walking out of that Cavalier spread into my bed when I felt a human presence.

"Daddy, what are you doing?" I opened my eyes to see her standing there in a t-shirt and the flash of her fingers dancing out from under her panties.

"Oh boy, well er, daddy has needs." I was naked, cock in hand, I’m no stud, but have a healthy 6" cut cock that is a bit thicker than most with a nice mushroom head that was glistening with pre-cum. I could see she was staring at it, and now that I think back to it, I didn’t feel the need to cover it.

"It’s so big." She said and took a few steps closer.

"Not big enough for your mother." Her mother was a real size queen and had always chided me on "how average" I was. 

"It’s bigger than when you pee." She took a few more steps and I let her watch it pulse and waver.

"You’ve been watching me in the bathroom?" I’d crack open the door from time to time to let the steam out after a shower so I could use the mirror to shave. My routine has always been to shower then shave. I never thought that she would be sneaking peeks.

"I just want to know about stuff, you know sex stuff." She kept her eyes on my cock . We had had "the talk" about her monthly friend a few months back, but I never equated it to sex, just that it was something a woman did when she reached a certain age. I realized that that was pretty stupid of me, but at the time she seemed satisfied and I was too embarrassed to explain any more of the details.

"Well, angel, I guess it’s time we had another talk." I patted the empty space of bed beside me, and yes I remained naked and hard. I figured that it was too late to put the genie back in the bottle so to speak and decided to use the opportunity to explain things using my cock as a visual aid, and I want to emphasize, that at this point, had no other agenda, she was my only daughter after all and I loved the full fleshy older women found in gash magazines.

"Okay, daddy." She hopped right up and I noticed that there was a spreading wet spot on the crotch of her tight orange panties that went right to the core of my cock.

"It’s actually quite simple, sweetie, a man puts his penis into a woman’s vagina and, after awhile, he ejaculates into her and that’s what makes babies and also why you should never let a boy put his penis in you or even near you so you don’t get pregnant." I was proud of how simply I put it, never being a man to waste words. I gripped my cock with one hand while I explained all this and waved it around for emphasis as if it were a dangerous weapon to be avoided, but she gazed at it with a much different look.

"Gosh, some of the girls at school say they suck their boyfriend’s cocks, er I mean, penis, sorry daddy, I know cock is a bad word. Can you get pregnant that way, you know with the jaculate stuff or whatever it is." She put her hand on my thigh a few inches from my cock which was now glistening even more. It felt natural and I had no desire to move it, not wanting her to feel that I was some sort of a pervert.

"No, you can’t get pregnant that way, honey, but you can get diseases, terrible diseases, like gonorrhea or syphilis and this crazy new thing called AIDs." I looked at her with the most serious fatherly face that I could assume. It’s crazy, there I was trying frighten my own daughter from fooling around and I was naked, hard, and she had her hand on my thigh.

"Sounds pretty scary."

"It is. You can never be too careful. That’s why when the time comes, after you’re out of high school and ready, you should always make the boy wear a prophylactic." 

"Gee, dad, what’s a probalactic?" She mauled the pronunciation so completely that I began to laugh, and in so doing, her hand ended up resting on my balls which, I don’t need to tell you, sent another electric jolt right through me. 

"Angel, you have your hand on my scrotum, it’s where the ejaculate is stored and a prophylactic covers a man’s penis like a latex glove so it doesn’t squirt into you." 

"Scrotum sounds funny, but I like the way it feels." Her hand began massaging my balls.

"If only your mother would have liked it, you wouldn’t have found me sitting here like this trying to pretend."

"Why do you have to pretend?"

"It’s called masturbation, dear, I am stroking my penis pretending it’s in a woman."

"That’s silly, daddy, why don’t you put it in me, I’m a woman, aren’t I?"

"That wouldn’t be right, darling, fathers don’t do that with their daughters. I could go to jail."

"I don’t see why, I love you daddy, I don’t want you to pretend." She continued to rub my balls and her hand travelled to the base of my cock. "Can’t I just stroke it a little, daddy?"
"Okay, you might as well see what man’s penis feels like when it’s hard." I mean possession is nine tenths of the law and her hand was right there.

"Oh, I like rubbing it, I want to see your jaculate, can I daddy, puullease?" She looked up at me with innocent eyes and I had a week’s worth of cum ready to explode.

"Okay, baby, spit in your hand and rub the shaft up and down."

"Like this, daddy?" She spit, squeezed, and rubbed with perfect pressure.

"Yesssss, sweetie, just like that. 


"Yes?" My eyes were closed. I kept telling myself this was educational.

"Promise not to yell?" She stroked me with a sweet soft rhythm. 

"Honey, why would I yell?"

"Because I want to put it in my mouth, just to see what it tastes like, puhhllleeease?" I opened my eyes to see her pert little mouth crinkled in supplication and I was afraid that if I said no, she would easily find some pimply high school boy to take my place and I couldn’t stomach that thought. I mean, I knew that I could provide her with a safe and loving experience.
"Okay, sweetie, go ahead." And just like that her lips and tongue were exploring every inch of my cock, slurping and sucking with an expertise that seemed to indicate a certain amount of practice, although to this day she swears that I was the first. 

MMMM, daddy, I like it.” She looked up at me with her innocent eyes, my cock fully buried in her mouth. I took her head and cradled it in my hands, feeling so many things.

"Daddy loves you so much, sweetie." I remember my heart beating wildly, the sensation of my spunk travelling up my shaft, thinking that I was about to cum in my daughter’s mouth, and getting dizzy. "Jesus, baby, daddy is going to cum, daddy is going to cum so fucking hard, don’t stop." I arched and exploded into her mouth and she sucked all the harder. I know it was only a matter of seconds, but it felt like minutes of her taking everything I had to offer.

"It tastes salty, daddy, I like it." She smiled, taking a drop of it that had spilled from her mouth and letting it rest on the tip of her index finger to study it for a second and then licking it salaciously and kissing me. After a long slow kiss, she snuggled up against me like she meant to spend the rest of the night with me. 

At first I was going to tell her to return to her room, then I thought that I would let her fall asleep and just carry her to her bed, but in the end I let her lay there as I stroked her hair, marveling at the fresh taut beauty of her only to fall into my own deep, satisfied sleep

 My first encounter with my daughter all those years ago left me ashamed and exhilarated all at once, I mean there she was in my bed sleeping soundly having just given me the best blow job of my life up to that time, a thousand times better than any her mother had ever given me. The father part of my brain kept repeating , “What the fuck did you just do?” At the same my cock kept reiterating “Give me more”. I wanted to think that evolution, societal norms, and remorse would get me back to the straight and narrow, but she had given me a taste of the apple and I wanted to go all the way to the core. 

"What’s the matter daddy?" Those were the first words when she awoke. She could tell that I was thinking about what we had done.

"I’m afraid last night was a mistake that cannot be repeated." I made a feeble attempt to return to our pre-fellatio relationship.

"Did I do it wrong, daddy? I thought you liked it, and you tasted so good." She patted her flat stomach, her aroused puffy nipples pressed against the cotton of her too tight t-shirt.

"I liked it too much, sweetie." 

"Good, then we can do it again." Her hand went right for my cock. I had never bothered to put anything on and my natural morning erection was hardened even more by her presence.

"Hold on, princess." I blocked her hand from reaching its destination.

"Daddy?" She looked at me with her best, pouty face and crossed her arms across her chest.

"We have to get one thing straight if this is going to continue, because your mother is never coming back and I’m the only person in the world who is going to take care of you." She rolled her beautiful blue eyes and gave me her "whatever" look, but I wanted to make sure that she understood. "You can’t tell anyone, ever, not even Candy. If you do, I could go to jail." My cock remained hard through all of this, like a flagpole growing from my groin as I sat there in bed next to her.

"Daddy, like, I’m not an idiot. Candy would tell everyone." She suddenly took on a calculating adult aura that I had never seen before, as if her innocence vanished that very second and a new, more seasoned young adult had emerged from a chrysalis of bubble gum and pink toe socks.

"Okay, then, I guess…" I was lost and about to get up and dressed when she threw her arms around me and kissed me with her mouth open, proceeding to travel slowly down my chest with her wet lips, ending up with her mouth enveloping my mushroom cock head and looking up at me. "Jesus, princess, daddy needs you, needs you so much." She continued to suck and stroke me at the same time as I fed her my morning cocktail. "God, baby, you’re so damn good." I pushed my crotch up and into her as she sucked.

"Daddy?" She took her lips off my cock, but continued to stroke me with her hand.


"I just finished with my period yesterday."

"That’s good, sweetheart." My eyes were closed at this point and I wasn’t really paying attention to what she was saying, lost in the motion of her hand on my cock.

"Well, you know what that means?"

"Sure I do, princess, you’re a real woman now." My eyes still closed, pressure building, wondering if she was going to lick it all up afterwards.

"Daddy, like duh?" She stopped stroking and I opened my eyes.

"Sorry, princess, I guess you’re going to have to spell it out for me." She looked at me as if I were the stupidest man in the world and at that moment, I was.

"I want you to fuck me with your bare daddy, cock!" She said it as if all the explaining she had made me do the night before had been a ruse to titillate me. I realized that she had known everything all along, that she had manipulated me.

"Jesus, princess, what happened to my little girl?" I was taken aback. My daughter wasn’t the innocent little ingénue in orange panties, she had become the seductive tigress who wanted to claim and mark her territory.

"Here’s your little girl, daddy."

With those words she leapt off the bed and removed her t-shirt and panties. Her pert breasts were like two fresh cantaloupe halves, and her precious pudenda was shaved clean with her rosebud of clit protruding, pink and perfect. She traced the outline of her vulva with one hand and pinched one puffy nipple after the other with her other hand.

"So you’ve known all along."

"Yes and now I want to feel a cock inside my pussy, your cock, daddy, the cock I love."

"Princess, I don’t know what to say."

"Then don’t say anything."

She re-joined me on the bed and pushed me down. She climbed on top of me and stretched her petite body over mine and kissed me. I felt her sweet little mound rubbing against my turgid cock and her round breasts heaving. 

"Angel, we need to think about…" She stopped me with her tongue inside my mouth and then quick bites of my lips and her fingers began to twist my nipples. Her pussy opened and her moist, wet inner labia slid back and forth over my shaft.

"Think about what, daddy?" She looked directly into my eyes as her wanton pussy ground away at my cock.

"Your hymen, you’ll bleed." I had never had a virgin, so I really had no idea, but whatever idea I had was erased by a haughty laugh on her part.


"Daddy, like duh! I’ve been using a vibrating dildo for almost three months."

"Oh," was all I could get out. 

She grabbed my cock and slowly slid down on it. I looked up at her feeling all the love for my little girl and all the ecstasy of her tight velvet pussy. Love and lust turned into the kind of bliss one imagines could only be found in the afterlife, if there is any, because I had certainly never felt a pussy like hers before or since. She road me cowgirl-style and I bucked up and into her.

"Fuck me, daddy, fuck your naughty little slut."

Her language only served to heighten my sweaty desire and I slapped her ass hard as she pumped up and down. “Take that, you dirty little slut!” When I wasn’t slapping, I had her ass cheeks firmly in hand and rammed my cock up and into her. “You’re going to pay for teasing daddy!” I continued to slap her ass and she would tease me by raising herself up, leaving only my cock head ensconced in her sweet treat of a cunt as she smiled devilishly, until I fucked her all the way down and her apple ass rested against my balls. “Take daddy’s cock you little slut, take all of it.”

This might have gone on for hours, I lost all connection to time with my engorged penis in my little princess’s twat, she on top the entire time and finally in response to a very hearty ass slap on my part she looked down at me and began twisting both of my nipples. 

"So you like twisting daddy’s nipples." I was on the verge of passing out, as if I were a pilot that flew too high and had escaped earth’s atmosphere.

"Yes, I’m your slut, daddy, fuck me." She continued to twist my nipples and fuck me, the room was spinning, I swear it.

"Jesus, princess, I am going, god, I’m…." My eyes squeezed shut as my cock throbbed inside my daughters tight pussy, I felt as if my cock reached to the inside of her soul and she in turn covered my soul with the moist treasure of her pussy, the two of us united in fuck and holding nothing back. "Fucking." I thrust up as hard as I could, one thrust for each word. "Dirty." I held her down with all my might. "SLUT!!!!" And then I came.

"Jesus, baby, arrrrrghhhhh!"

"Give it to me daddy, give me your cum." She screamed it. Her entire body arched back and quivered over cock flesh.

"Cum into my cum, baby, give it to daddy!" She gurgled and collapsed on top me. I could feel her heart racing as I am sure she felt mine. It didn’t feel dirty, it felt as if we had been destined for each other, that we had risen above whatever normal was, whatever conventional was, whatever moral was. It was just me and my little baby, my slut, the two of us united in cum. 

My little girl is forty now. She is naked in my kitchen cutting kiwis for a fruit salad and the juice reminds me of how fresh and tart her pussy tastes. She has been married and is now divorced. She has entertained men of every size and color, being particularly attracted to muscular Black men with swaggering cocks. I’m not jealous, because throughout it all, she always comes back to me, she never really left. I am her daddy and she is my sweet little slut, nothing will ever break that bond.